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Leading Voices – Caitlin Synovec – State of Medical Respite/Recuperative Care Programs — New Report

Caitlin Synovec is NIMRC’s Medical Respite Program Manager.

Medical respite and recuperative care has expanded significantly in the last several years, with programs continuing to grow across the country. Without an overarching regulatory body, the NIMRC Medical Respite Directory is the central location to identify respite programs across the country. The data captured within the Medical Respite Directory is used to identify the structure, funding, and services provided within each respite program.

Medical respite programs vary in response to their community’s and population’s needs. The State of Medical Respite/Recuperative Care Programs report has aggregated the information available in the directory to create a visual of what is happening on the ground in respite care. Despite the differences among programs, many similarities are also captured when reviewing the data.

This infographic can be used by existing respite programs to compare and find commonalities with other programs, and used by developing programs to understand the possibilities in providing medical respite care. This infographic will also be used by NIMRC to further develop resources and advocacy efforts for medical respite care, as we know it reflects the diversity of programs across the country.

As medical respite programs have continued to expand and change in response to current events, we encourage existing and new programs to review and update their information in our medical respite directory and complete the directory form.