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Issues – Barbara DiPietro – NIMRC’s Public Policy Focus

Barbara DiPietro is the Director of Policy for NIMRC.

Our goal at the National Institute for Medical Respite Care is to improve health care services and health outcomes for people who are homeless. But the success of medical respite care programs depends on strong public policy support.

That’s why NIMRC has a dedicated policy focus that examines how legislative and administrative policies can further promote effective programs, and engages key stakeholders so they better understand how to partner with us in that effort.

We are especially focused on the role that state and federal Medicaid agencies can play, as well as managed care organizations; hospitals, health centers, and other health care providers; HUD Continuums of Care—and many others. These are specifically the entities that can develop and sustain high-quality medical respite care programs.

I’m looking forward to working with such a wide range of partners as we continue to grow NIMRC’s work through our training and technical assistance activities—and also through our policy analysis and advocacy work. When we can improve our systems of care and do the right thing for very vulnerable people, we not only make better use of the health care system, but we are also creating new opportunities for stability and healing among the people we serve.

Thank you for reading about my vision for the policy activities at NIMRC. I’m looking forward to growing this work together to create high-quality, sustainable medical respite programs in our communities.