National Institute for Medical Respite Care

National Institute for Medical Respite Care

Creating Places to Heal

The National Institute for Medical Respite Care (NIMRC) is the first national institute to advance best practices, expert services, and state-of-the-field knowledge in medical respite care (also known as recuperative care). Internal staff, consultants, and consulting teams address a range of principles and practices in creating or expanding medical respite care programs.

The National Institute for Medical Respite Care is a special program of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

Upcoming Events & Conferences

2024 HCH Conference & Policy Symposium

May 13-16, 2024 · Phoenix, AZ

2024 California Recuperative Care Symposium

Sept. 12-13, 2024 · Sacramento, CA

Resource Library

The Latest Medical Respite Research, Tools, Resources and More

What is Medical Respite?

Medical respite care is acute and post-acute care for people experiencing homelessness who are not ill enough to remain in a hospital but are too ill to recover on the streets.

Medical Respite Care Tool Kit

NIMRC's comprehensive Medical Respite Tool Kit provides information and practical tools to help organizations and advocates plan, develop, and sustain medical respite care programs.

Medical Respite Program Standards

The Standards are a framework to help medical respite programs operate safely, effectively, and seamlessly with local health care systems, while promoting program development and growth.

Reports, White Papers & Issue Briefs

Read detailed reports about a wide variety of issues related to medical respite care such as State-Level Medicaid Benefits, Financing Approaches, Community Spotlights and much more.

Online Learning Portal

NIMRC is pleased to announce our new Learning Portal. You will need to log in and this will allow keeping track of where you’re at in a course and which courses you’ve completed.

Archived Webinar Recordings

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