Reports, White Papers, and Issue Briefs

Issue Brief: CalAIM Implementation of Recuperative Care Services: Lessons Learned | January 2024

Issue Brief: Status of State-Level Medicaid Benefits for Medical Respite Care | January 2024

Issue Brief: Principles for Medicaid Reimbursement | December 2022

Issue Brief: Status of State-Level Medicaid Benefits for Medical Respite Care | December 2022

External link | Washington State legislature: Statewide Medicaid Benefit for Medical Respite Care: Issues Informing Benefit Design and Implementation | June 2022

Health Centers Improve Health Outcomes with Medical Respite Care | June 2022

Expanding Options for Health Care Within Homelessness Services: CoC Partnerships with Medical Respite Care Programs | January 2022

One Community’s Collaborative Approach: A Spotlight on Yakima, Washington | January 2022

Medical Respite Care Bridges Critical Gap for Californians Without Housing | August 2021

Approaches to Financing Medical Respite Care Programs | July 2021

Capacity-Building for Medical Respite Care Programs in California in Response to COVID-19: Four Case Studies | April 2021

State of Medical Respite Care Programs | January 2021

COVID-19 & the HCH Community: Medical Respite Care & Alternative Care Sites (Issue Brief) | May 2020

Medicaid & Managed Care: Financing Approaches for Medical Respite Care | March 2020

Homeless New Yorkers Need a Safe Place to Recuperate - Not the Street | January 2020

Convalescent Care Program: Expansion Planning Report for the Community Health Partnership of Baltimore (CHPB) | December 2019

Medical Respite Care Programs & the IHI Triple Aim Framework (Policy Brief) | April 2019

Medical Respite Care: Financing Approaches | June 2017

Hospital Community Benefit Funds: Resources for the HCH Community | May 2016