Men’s Recuperative Care Program, Women’s Recuperative Care Program

2010 / 2018
Name of Operating Agency
Mercy Care
424 Decatur Street
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States
Kenya Arnold
Mission & Vision
In 2010, Mercy Care’s Recuperative Care program for men opened with 19 beds at the Gateway Center where we also manage a primary care clinic. Mercy Care also has a primary care clinic at the City of Refuge where it opened Recuperative Care for women in 2018 with 14 beds. Patients stay in Recuperative Care for 30 days while in Mercy Care’s staff provides daily meals; a safe, clean, temporary home in which to recover; facilitation of appointments with health providers; medication check ins. They also educate patients and help with mental health or addiction issues. As a result, about 70% of Recuperative Care patients are discharged to the care of family or housing.
Operating Agency Type
FQHC (non-HCH)
Facility Type
Shelter or shelter-based
Number of Beds
33 total: 19 for men, 14 for women
Average Length of Stay
15-30 days
Funding Sources for Medical Respite Program
Hospital, Private Donations, Foundations, United Way
Populations Served
Men, Women