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NIMRC Menu of Services: Consulting and Assistance

NIMRC (National Institute for Medical Respite Care) is a special initiative of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (Council)—the nation’s premier voice of professionals working at the nexus of health care and homelessness for three decades. Launched in 2020, NIMRC is a nation-wide initiative dedicated to expanding the number and quality of medical respite (or recuperative) care programs throughout the United States. Drawing on decades of leadership in the
field of medical respite care, NIMRC is committed to:

(1) advancing programmatic, financial, and operational best practices; 

(2) delivering expert technical assistance and training; 

(3) engaging in state- and federal-level advocacy; 

(4) fostering public policy reform; 

(5) exploring translational research questions centered on programs, patients, payers, and providers; 

(6) building strategic academic partnerships and community collaborations;

(7) supporting cross-system approaches to data-sharing; and

(8) achieving meaningful systems change.

Consulting Services and Activities

Consulting services include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Program start-up
• Program expansion
• Technical assistance
• Training and professional development
• Program design and development
• Financial modeling
• Medicare and Medicaid managed care policy
• Systems design and change
• Alternative care sites
• Evidence-based health analysis
• Cost and utilization analytics
• Whole person care
• Substance abuse and behavioral health disorders
• Facilitation of community stakeholder charrettes
• Data-based program improvement
• MRC-related advocacy
• MRC-related regulatory reform
• Strategic planning
• Operational planning
• Standards of care analysis
• Hospital and shelter needs assessment
• Philanthropy and fundraising
• Translational research
• Outcome and data recommendations
• Program outcomes assessment
• Design and ADA compliance
• Safety and security
• Clinical staffing
• Harm reduction practices

Activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Design/develop/deliver training content for start-up, operation and expansion
• Facilitate stakeholder charrettes that engage key community voices and partners
• Gather/collect/analyze/report on relevant qualitative and quantitative data
• Research/prepare financial modeling options
• Research/prepare program models
• Engage key community/state/federal partners in advocacy and policy reform
• Project management services

Request Services

Please contact Dott Freeman, Director of Advancement, at or (207) 333-8877 with a description of your needs and the timeframe. You may also complete this request form. We will contact you to formulate a quote based on your needs.